Jollibee, a popular Filipino restaurant recently opened in Vancouver. I hear many good things about it from those who grew up in the Philippines eating there, so of course I have to try and see for myself.

Going there in the evening is always a bad idea unless you enjoy waiting in a 30 minute line just to order your food. When it first opened here, there were 5 hour lines to get in. Obviously these guys are good at brand loyalty and marketing. The best way to order for the time being is Doordash or Uber Eats. Or do what I did and go there at 9:30 am Saturday morning where there’s only one person in line ahead of you.

So I order the fried chicken because that’s their main product. I requested spicy because it was still early and I needed to wake up. Mashed potatoes preferred over fries and rice.

The chicken was very unique. It was unlike the western counterparts available here. Definitely better tasting crust but very spicy for a white guy, although it served its purpose and I was fully awake from it. The chicken itself was also very different. I’m not a chef so it’s hard to describe, but the taste and texture was better than the competitors.

Overall, very good chicken and worth every digital penny. I’ll be back but only when the restaurant opens in the morning. There are two more locations opening in greater Vancouver and this might make it easier to buy food there, but there are many Filipinos here so early morning chicken might be the best option for the near future.