When building a Joomla web site, you may need add a link to an article to a page. The easiest way to do this is open the article through a menu option, and cut and paste the URL in the other page. The problem is that you need to have the article in an existing menu item for this to work. If it isn’t in a menu item, you will need to use one of the methods below to get its URL.


Getting the URL with SEF Enabled

If SEF URL’s are enabled in your site, you can reference the article by opening it in Article Manager and build the URL using the text in the Alias box,


 Viewing Alias while editing article.

Getting the URL with Default Settings

The default setting for a Joomla site is for SEF to be not enabled, so a standard form URL is used to reference an article. Open the article in Article Manager and you’ll see the following information:

Viewing Article ID while editing article.

A URL can be built using the Article ID above, i.e.


If the article has modules that appear around it and their appearance depends on Menu Assignment (in the Module Manager), you’ll have to add the Itemid it uses in the Menu Manager. Find the menu item that links to the article get the ItemID (see below).

Viewing ItemID in Menu Manager.

You can then build the URL to view the article,


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