The Ecclesia Bytes podcast discusses Catholic apologetics, beliefs, practices, and devotions to the holy souls and the Infant of Prague.

21. Who Is Jesus
Jesus is more than what many people believe him to be.

20. U.S. Marine in Korean War Saved By St. Michael
There are many stories of angels intervening to protect and guide us. One of these stories was shared by a US Marine who was wounded in combat during the Korean War in 1950. He wrote a letter to his mother describing how St. Michael the Archangel saved his life.

19. If You Want To Avoid Purgatory
It’s possible to avoid Purgatory, but you need to understand what it is and then you can take steps to prevent yourself from going there.

18. Fifteen Promises of Mary to Christians Who Recite the Rosary
15 promises for people who pray all three mysteries of the rosary.

17. Lenten Fasting Rules From St. Thomas Aquinas
The rules of fasting from St. Thomas Aquinas, compiled by Dr. Taylor Marshall. Level up your Lenten penances this year!

16. The Rosary of the Holy Wounds
A rosary given to us by Jesus, according to Sister Mary Martha Chambon.

15. The Miraculous Medal
Originally known as the Medal of the Immaculate Conception, but later became the Miraculous Medal due to the many miracles and graces granted through the intercession of Mary.

14. Read Me or Rue It (part 2)
Part 2 from Episode 13. Fr. Paul O’Sulivan’s book, Read Me or Rue It, read out from an old recording.

13. Read Me or Rue It (part 1)
Fr. Paul O’Sulivan’s book, Read Me or Rue It, read out from an old recording. This was the book that got me started in devotions to the holy souls in Purgatory.

12. The Enchiridion of Indulgences
The mysterious book full of indulgences for Catholics to help the holy souls in Purgatory.

11. The Rosary and the Holy Souls
Praying the rosary to free the holy souls from Purgatory.

10. Divine Mercy for the Holy Souls
Help the souls in Purgatory with Divine Mercy.

9. Gregorian Masses
Release a soul from Purgatory with 30 consecutive masses.

8. The History of the Infant of Prague
The history behind how the Infant of Prague devotion began.

7. Praying for the Holy Souls During Lent
Lent isn’t just a time to give up something for 40 days, you can use this observance to help the holy souls in Purgatory.

6. Answering Fundamentalists
Answering 5 objections that Protestant Fundamentalists have with Purgatory.

5. The Heroic Act
Indulgences reduce your time in Purgatory, but they can also be given to the holy souls in Purgatory. A heroic thing to do is to give all of your indulgences to them. Here’s how you can do that.

4. The Gratitude of the Holy Souls
Pray for the holy souls and in their gratitude they will pray for your needs.

3. Private Revelations
The two types of revelations and which ones need to be believed if your a Catholic.

2. Indulgences: Gifts for the Suffering Saints
The great value of indulgences and why Catholics should use them to help the holy souls in Purgatory.

1. What Is Purgatory?
A brief description of the doctrine of Purgatory.



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