As surprising at it may seem for someone who grew up in Canada, I’ve never been to a pumpkin patch until last week. I’m originally from Czechoslovakia and eastern Europeans don’t recognize the British traditions related to Halloween which include picking and carving pumpkins.

Richmond Country Farms hosts a pumpkin patch each year around this time. I see it each year, but this year I took my family there during a professional development day at school. The Richmond Country Farm is a great place to buy fruits and vegetables that are locally grown. They also offer organic produce which is local as well which is a better choice for healthy eating.
The pumpkin patch is open from October 9 to 31 and there is dedicated parking for it beside the farmer’s market. The entrance fee is $10 for adults and $5 for kids and they accept credit cards. You’ll get one bag per person to carry a pumpkin that you pick. I advise you to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting muddy and boots, of which I came with neither and left the farm very dirty. 🙂
Overall, it was a great experience and I’ll make it a tradition to go each year to a pumpkin patch.
You have to walk by a few animals before entering the gate and paying the entrance fee. I think that’s the sheep from the Real Player software. If you’ve never seen a lama close up, this is a great place to view one.
image image
Homes for the farm animals.
image image
The ducks have a place to live too.
Vegetables welcoming you at the entrance gate.
image image
The bridge to the fun area.
This is the first time I’ve seen a corn and pumpkin dance.
Finally! The ride to the pumpkin patch, accompanied by singing and country music along the way.
PA220098  image
The pumpkin princess and her castle.
PA220102 PA220130
One of the three pumpkin patches available. Its muddier than it looks.

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