A recovery email on your iCloud account is necessary in case you forget your password and need to get back into your Apple device.

I recently talked to the tech support in a cell phone provider to try to restore a phone that was accidentally reset to its factory default. The phone required the user to login with the account that was setup with the phone. The IMEI and user account is registered with Apple or Google to prevent the phone being used if it was stolen. So if your phone is reset and you forgot your password, the phone can’t be used any more. One way to avoid this on iOS devices is to use a recovery email to get back into your iCloud account.

You can add a recovery email to your iCloud account with the following steps:

  1. Login to https://appleid.apple.com/
  2. Select Personal Information.
  3. Click on Reachable At.
  4. Press the + and add a new email. This email can’t be an existing iCloud email that you have. A verification code will be sent to that email.
  5. Check your email and go back to the Apple ID page and enter this code in the boxes. Then you should see your 2nd email in the list.
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