Here are some hard to find Operational Codes that you find in the History tab in Windows Task Scheduler. Very useful for trying to figure out why your scheduled task isn’t working.

Op Codes Description
0 or 0x0 The operation completed successfully.
1 or 0x1 Incorrect function called or unknown function called.
2 or 0x2 File not found.
10 or 0xa The environment is incorrect.
0x41300 Task is ready to run at its next scheduled time.
0x41301 Task is currently running.
0x41302 Task is disabled.
0x41303 Task has not yet run.
0x41304 There are no more runs scheduled for this task.
0x41306 Task is terminated.
0x8004131F An instance of this task is already running.
0x800704DD The service is not available (is ‘Run only when a user is logged on’ checked?)
0xC000013A The application terminated as a result of a CTRL+C.
0xC06D007E Unknown software exception.
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