DFS is the latest version of Adenium System’s online planroom software and many changes were made from earlier versions. One of the changes is the way user account information is handled. With the new version, it may be not be possible to make changes to an e-mail address since the Library Manager now limits what you can do through it.

*** Before editing the DFS database directly, make a backup of the database if you’re not already doing this on a regular basis. ***
Possible problems with e-mail is trying to change a user’s account to a new address, or one that I came across recently where a user could not login to his account because there was a space character directly after the e-mail, i.e. “a@b.com “. DFS does not allow you remove the trailing space character in the Library Manager. The only way to make this change is to edit the record directly in the Entities table in the DFS database.
You can edit a table in DFS by running the SQL Server Management Studio (for MSSQL 2005 or 2008) or Enterprise Manager (for MSSQL 2000 or earlier).
1. Open the DFS database and scroll down to the Entities table. In MSSQL 2005+ it will be called dbo.Entities.
2. Right click on the table and select Open Table. In MSSQL 2000 you would select Open Table, and then Return All Rows.
3. Now you need to open a SQL query window to search for a user. The SQL button is found in the upper right corner of the program.
4. In SQL pane, you should see the following command:
FROM Entities
This command lists all records in the Entities table. A good way to find a user is to search for their last name or e-mail address. This is done by the following SQL command:
FROM Entities
WHERE Last_Name=’Smith’
If you want to search by e-mail, use
WHERE Email_Adddress=’a@b.com’
Note that the search item must be in between a ‘ character.
5. To execute the search query, press the ! button:
6. The records that you have searched for will then be displayed. Now you can make corrections to the e-mail address once you locate the correct user account.

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