When you browse to a folder shared on a Windows machine on a network, you may need permissions to access it. A dialog box appears and request a username and password. If you enter one that doesn’t work, you won’t get the chance to change it the next time you try opening that folder. There are no options in the Windows GUI to change the login information for a network share.

In order to change a user that is logged into a network folder, you need to use the net use command. The first thing that you do is disconnect from the share, which is done with the following command:

     net use \\share /d

This deletes the share being accessed by your computer. Now you can connect to the share with a different user with following command:

     net use \\share\folder password /user:account

where the password is the actual password used by account to log into the shared folder. The account name is a valid Windows user on the machine that your trying to browse to.

With these commands, you can connect to a network share with credentials other than what you logged into your Windows computer as.

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